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Whether in a residential or commercial setting, maintaining cleanliness can be an impossible task without the proper vacuum or rug cleaner. At Jerry’s Vacuum Center, we’ve been serving customers since 1979, concentrating on superior products, excellent customer service, high-quality work and simple honesty. Because of this business model, we’ve built long-term relationships that have clients returning to us time and time again for their vacuum and rug cleaning needs. Whether you are in the market for a new vacuum or rug cleaner, need repairs, or require a filter, bag, belt or another part or accessory for your unit, we’re here to help.

Protect Your Investment

Carpeting is expensive and represents a real investment for most home or business owners. With regular care, including frequent cleaning with the proper equipment, your rugs will last longer and remain beautiful for years to come. Jerry’s carries new, top of the line vacuum cleaners, deep carpet cleaning machines and central vacuum systems from leading manufacturers, and we’d be pleased to help you choose the make and model that will best fit your business or household.

Brands We Carry:

  • Sebo
  • Cirrus
  • Titan
  • Oreck
  • Rug Doctor
  • Hoover
  • Shark
  • Royal
  • Modern Day
  • Kirby

New Vacuums

Airbelt D4

The AIRBEL D4 model is a powerful, full-size, ultra-quiet, canister vacuum cleaner with three on-board attachments, a giant 1.5-gallon bag, an unmatched 40-foot cord and 52-foot cleaning radius, protective rubber-coated wheels, a durable telescopic tube with quick-release connections, and a full bag or clog indicator.

It also features excellent filtration, and a one-of-a-kind LED indicator that enables suction power to be optically monitored. A unique tapered suction hose with a 320° rotating canister connection increases airflow velocity , minimizes clogs, improves maneuverability , and its soft-foam bumper protects the vacuum, furniture, and walls from scuffs and scratches.

Airbelt K3

Made in Germany, the AIRBELT K series offer the best lightweight, mid-size, commercial-grade canister vacuum cleaners on the market today! There are two models, each with different cleaning head options. The AIRBELT K2 KOMBI has only a Kombi Nozzle, with retractable bristles, for cleaning both rugs and hard floors with straight suction (no electric power head). The AIRBELT K3 includes the 12-inch-wide ET-1 electric power head, plus a parquet brush. The K2 KOMBI has a suction adjustment switch located on the canister body, while the K3’s suction adjustment switch is located on its ergonomically designed handle.

Both AIRBELT K models are powerful, ultra-quiet and will provide years of reliable use! They feature clever storage of three on-board attachments, a five-year parts and labor warranty, a full bag or clog indicator, a big .8-gallon bag, a 25-foot cord and 37-foot cleaning radius, rubber-coated wheels to protect floor surfaces, and a durable telescopic tube with quick-release connections. The soft AIRBELT bumper that surrounds the canister housing protects the vacuum, furniture and walls from incurring scuffs and scratches during use. Users will also enjoy effortless control of cleaning heads that have 180° steering abilities and super low 3.5-inch horizontal cleaning profiles that easily fit under beds and furniture.

Airbelt E3

The three AIRBELT E models are powerful, ultra-quiet, lightweight, canister vacuum cleaners that offer innovative design, attractive contours, superb hospital-grade filtration, and an optimized internal airflow pathway that provides powerful suction performance. They feature a 37-foot cleaning radius, a large-capacity filter bag, three on-board attachments, rubber-coated wheels to protect floor surfaces, and a durable telescopic tube with quick-release connections. They also have a full bag or clog indicator, control-switch cord rewinder, and a soft-foam bumper that protects the vacuum, furniture, and walls from scuffs and scratches.

There are two straight-suction models that offer a choice of cleaning heads for use on hard floors and rugs. The E1 Kombi includes a combination nozzle with retractable bristles, and the E2 Turbo offers both an air-driven turbo head and a parquet brush. However, the E3 Premium offers the commercial-quality ET-1
powerhead that cleans both carpets and hard floors, has excellent pet hair removal, provides manual brush roller shut off, and the extension side of its L-shaped contour makes cleaning under counters easy. A parquet brush for cleaning hard floors with straight suction is also included. The E3’s ergonomically designed handle includes the suction adjustment switch, and it provides user comfort and effortless control of the power head’s 180° steering ability and super-low, 3.5-inch horizontal cleaning profile.

Automatic X4 / Automatic X4 Boost

The AUTOMATIC X is the world’s most technically advanced and uniquely easy-to-use vacuum cleaner! With two power head widths, the 12-inch X4 and 15-inch X5 feature truly automatic height adjustment, using an electronic controller that measures the resistance of the spinning brush roller against the floor, and then it signals up or down adjustments, which ensures optimal performance on both carpets and hard floors. The user is also alerted to clogs, a worn brush, or a full bag, and the vacuum automatically shuts off when brush obstructions occur, to protect the motor and belts from damage. The X also has an instant-use cleaning wand and suction hose, a lifetime belt warranty, tool-free brush roller removal, a 40-foot power cord, and three on-board attachments. SEBO’s NEW AUTOMATIC X4 Boost features TWO TRULY AUTOMATIC height settings that enable the user to choose between two levels of brush agitation! The default setting is perfect for most flooring types. But by activating the Boost Button, greater resistance against the spinning brush roller is allowed before height adjustments are made, which causes more aggressive brush action. For users who want truly automatic height adjustment, but also want to choose their level of brush aggressiveness, the X4 Boost is the solution!


The stylish FELIX offers all the flexibility of a canister vacuum cleaner in an upright configuration! It has highly maneuverable, 180° steering ability, a convenient instant-use suction hose, an ultra-modern filtration system, and a detachable suction unit, with variable suction control, that becomes a hand-held vacuum. It includes the 12-inch-wide ET-1 power head, with four-level manual height adjustment, that cleans both carpets and hard floors and easily removes pet hair. In addition, its spinning brush roller can be shut off to clean delicate rugs and hard floors with straight suction. The power head features tool-free brush roller removal, plus a user warning light that illuminates when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning or the bristles are worn, and when automatic shut off occurs due to brush roller obstructions. There are two on-board attachments and a hard-floor parquet brush. Amazingly, the FELIX can even morph into a hard-floor polisher by attaching SEBO’s DISCO head.

Mechanical 300 / Mechanical 350

Made in Germany, the MECHANICAL series are commercial-grade upright vacuum cleaners that provide the utmost in reliability, durability and cleaning effectiveness! There are two models, offering a choice between power head widths: the 12-inch 300 MECHANICAL and the 14-inch 350 MECHANICAL. To maximize durability, these vacuums are entirely mechanical, instead of electronic. In addition, all electrical components are located in the power head, with none in the bag housing or handle, thereby minimizing electrical connectors and further improving reliability. This also means that the on/off switch is located on the power head, and the user’s foot easily operates it. Plus, the power cord is externally located, which allows instant, tool-free removal and replacement. All this, along with simple access to most machine parts, means that maintenance is quick and easy.

The 300 and 350 MECHANICALS were designed to clean carpets, perform well on most hard floors, and have superb pet hair removal! The machine turns off automatically and gives user notification when a brush roller obstruction occurs, which protects the belts and carpets from damage. There is also user notification when a full bag or clog occurs. Additional features include excellent filtration, a giant 1.4-gallon bag, 39-foot cord, protective rubber-coated wheels, a low 5 ½-inch horizontal cleaning profile that fits under beds and furniture, and tool-free brush strip removal for bristle cleaning or replacement.

Sebo Duo

Made in Germany, SEBO’s duo Cleaning System brilliantly cleans carpets in large or small areas, and it effectively removes all types of spots and stubborn stains from upholstery and carpets. The duo Brush Machine and cleaning powder are designed for large carpeted areas, while the duo Daisy, the Hand Brush and powder are designed to clean smaller areas, such as stairs, entryways, hallways, spot stains, automobiles, RVs and boats. This do-it-yourself system is highly effective, easy to use, saves time and money, and avoids the potential carpet damage caused by some wet cleaning methods.

The advantages of using the duo dry-cleaning system are the elimination of dust mite allergens, no need to move furniture, no detergent residue, a built-in fiber protector that helps to prevent future stains and soiling, and the ability to use the carpet or upholstery within 30 to 60 minutes after cleaning is completed.

Used Vacuums

Simplicity Synergy G9

Tandem Air technology, sealed filtration and a 17-foot cleaning reach. 

Simplicity Synergy X9

Tandem Air technology, sealed filtration and a 17-foot cleaning reach. 

Maytag M1200

The M1200 has a dual intake system with two individual motors working together to provide continuous suction and maximum agitation for a superior cleaning performance. Six stages of advanced filtration and a 35 foot cord.

Maytag M500

The lightweight M500, works hard to get the job done. At just 9 pounds, it packs a powerful cleaning punch and is convenient enough to move up and down stairs or room to room with ease.

Riccar Vibrance 

Lifetime belt protection, HEPA filtration and many convenience features, the outstanding performance of this model will certainly impress. Perfect for homes with a mix of carpet and bare floors, as it features a carpet to floor selector.

Titan TC6000

This commercial vacuum features a 3-prong, 40 foot cord. Replaceable brush strips, on board tools, and an easy to grip wand. 

Filter Queen Majestic 

The filter queen canister offers amazing cleaning with excellent filtration. Built in the USA. 

Filter Queen Majestic 360

The filter queen canister offers amazing cleaning with excellent filtration. Built in the USA.

Kirby G4 

The G4 Kirby is an older model, but don’t let age fool you. Kirby’s are one of the best vacuums on the market with a direct air motor and patented tech drive power assist. Get the right level cleaning with the height adjuster.  

Kirby Ultimate G  

 Kirby’s are one of the best vacuums on the market with a direct air motor and patented tech drive power assist. Get the right level cleaning with the height adjuster.

Kirby Sentria

 The Sentria offers Kirby’s newer features. A LED headlight, new empter style, aerodynamic handle and a port to install bags.  

Kirby Avalir 

 The Kirby Avalir is the newest Kirby on the market. Its sleek design sets it apart from any other model. With a direct air motor, power assist tech drive, and a height adjustment peddle, the Avalir is surely going to get the job done. 

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance, Repair, Accessories & Parts in Mandan

At Jerry’s Vacuum Center, we not only sell new vacuums, we offer maintenance and repair for existing units. When you stop in at our store, you’ll find all of the tools, accessories, products and supplies to make your cleaning a breeze. We also carry hard to find parts and accessories.


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